Aegea Capital Management, LLC (“Aegea Capital”) was founded in April 2011 by Cem Karsan an experienced volatility trader and Kellogg Business School graduate.

Cem and his management team have over 40 years of exchange trading experience on the CBOE, CBOT and CME. They have led successful teams both with large, respected institutions as well as their own successful proprietary trading firms. Mr. Karsan’s proprietary trading firm accounted for as much as 13-percent of SPX volume during the financial crises from 2007 to 2010.

After his successful trading career, Cem decided to leverage his volatility arbitrage expertise by improving upon many of the flawed strategies he had witnessed during his tenure as a market maker. To that end, Aegea Capital has created a non-correlated and scalable investment vehicle that takes advantage of the structural mispricing inherent in option indices worldwide, while offering the superior transparency and liquidity that today’s investors demand.