Why Aegea?

Knowledge and Experience

Working at Aegea is intellectually stimulating. There are constantly new challenges to tackle, and solutions that require a wide range of skills and abilities. The skills that you will hone working at Aegea are valuable across the financial industry, and the level of responsibility assumed and education attained far exceeds that which would be granted an individual in a similar role at an average financial firm.

Start-Up Atmosphere

Aegea is a hedge fund where you will have direct interaction with firm management and our portfolio managers. Our employees learn from industry professionals with decades of derivatives markets experience utilizing time-tested strategies while also directly participating in the creation and implementation of profitable new strategies. Our relatively small team is filled with dynamic and driven problem solvers working towards a common goal. Being a smaller group means every team member’s contributions matter, and your work has a definitive impact in helping Aegea become more successful.


Aegea strives to create an environment where its employees are empowered and rewarded based on results. We create new opportunities and base compensation for our employees on the merits, knowing that this is the way to attract and retain top talent. Because individual performance has a direct impact on firm profitability, as the firm continues to grow employees whose efforts prove invaluable have the financial upside of profit participation.

Social Atmosphere

One of the other benefits of being a small select group is that we all socialize together inside and outside of work. Whether it’s weekly office trivia, an intense game of ping pong in the office recreation room, or going out for food and drinks as a team once a month – Aegea works to cultivate an atmosphere where our employees both work hard and play hard.

Available Jobs: